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Yuk Yuk free comedy at the Ob



The Observatory was packed with over 60 people on April 13 for the Yuk Yuk’s free comedy night featuring Bobb Knauff and former Algonquin student Dom Pare.

The show was opened by Knauff, who began by describing the perils of being a red head.

“At least I’m not one of the weird looking ones,” he said.

He then trailed off into discussing relationships and discussed his own, which lasted five and a half years.

“The problem with relationships is – they all end!” he quipped.

An hour after Knauff hit the stage it was time for the main act to do his show but as Pare hit the stage he was immediately interrupted with an unintelligible shout from an audience member.

“Are you saying words?” said Pare. “Are you just learning to speak?”

Pare attempted to get back on track but the heckler continued, and the comedian’s come back made the audience crack up,

“Hecklers never help, but if they’re not rude or aggressive like the one we had, you can use it to make the conversation entertaining,” said Pare.

Pare’s comedic outlooks continued in a post-show interview with the Times, in which he recalled an earlier appearance at the college,

“When I first started doing standup, it was actually at Algonquin College during a public speaking course I took there,” said Pare.

Political correctness is always a topic in the post-secondary environment and Pare had perspective on the issue.

“It’s cyclical; this same thing happened in the mid 90s with shows like South Park and now it’s happening again,” he said. “The only reason we see such a rise is because people go to shows intended on getting offended and then either tweet or blog about what offended them.”

Knauff also commented about what it’s like doing stand-up at a college venue.

“It’s great, I feel like a substitute teacher when I’m at a college, I get to tell younger people about my experiences and weird outlook on life,” he said.

When Pare was asked about how the show went he replied, “It was alright, I had fun, the audience had fun, I’d give it an eight out of 10.”


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