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Commons crowd left Wanting more

Wanting plays piano while she sings songs from her multiple albums. She performed at the Ob as part of her current North American tour.

Wanting plays piano while she sings songs from her multiple albums. She performed at the Ob as part of her current North American tour.

By Breanna Adams

The crowd cheered as Wanting stepped onto the stage and into the light. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for and as she opened her mouth to begin the first song, everyone was silent and waiting.

She embraced the crowd with smiles and confidence as she waved to various people in the audience.

“It’s very comforting and nurturing that these are my fans who come and see me,” said Wanting before the show. “This is going to be a fun time.”

Wanting lit the stage on March 7 as the Algonquin Commons Theatre was packed with her fans and she did not disappoint.

Before she started her first song she expressed her enthusiasm for being in Ottawa for the first time and how much she appreciated everyone for coming and seeing her perform. At the end of the concert Wanting dedicated her song “Say the Words” to her fans to express her love.

“I’m here to spread the love and music,” said Wanting.

Playing songs from both her first and second album, Wanting kept the stage upbeat even through songs that held the most meaning to her.

Singing songs such as “Joker Needs Laughter Too” in English and others such as “Love Ocean” in Mandarin, Wanting gave the audience a briefing on what each song was about so all could understand.

In an interview before the show, she explained how each song brings her back to a specific moment in her life. Her song “Us Under The Sunshine” is about cyberbullying and she admits that she herself was a victim of cyberbullying.

“The more people know, the more exposure, the more comments,” said Wanting. “I have to train myself not to be so wound up with negatives.”

Switching between guitar and piano, she performed every song with an immense amount of talent and each song touched the hearts and minds of many in the crowd.

Among them was Hojin Lee. “It was really powerful, I was moved” said Lee, a 21-year-old. “This had a shock factor.”

Her fans proved their love by singing along to her songs and cheering loudly at the end of each one. Sometimes the excitement would be too much and they’d begin before the end.

Fans lined up after the show, eager to meet the star. Wanting signed each CD and paused for everyone to get a picture.

When asked about other albums in the future she responded with the affirmative that there will definitely be more albums coming out.

“I still have a lot to give,” said Wanting. “Enjoy the music, don’t judge me and have fun.”

The doors opened at 7:30 p.m. and in no time at all the seats were filled and the opening act, Cody Karey took to the stage.

After his performance and a 30 minute intermission, Wanting began.


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