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Canadian 2000’s rock band making a comeback

Vancouver rock band Default is making a comeback with a cross-Canada reunion tour this fall, with an upcoming stop at Algonquin Nov. 12.

The group, made up of Lead Singer Dallas Smith, guitarist Jeremy Hora, bass player David Benedict and drummer Danny Craig cemented themselves in the Canadian rock world in the early 2000’s when they were initially discovered by Nickelback lead frontman Chad Kroeger.

The band went on to release four albums with songs like Wasting My Time and Taking My Life away before disbanding in 2013 when Smith made the jump to a solo career in country music.

The band is now hitting the road with Stone Temple Pilots and Seether.

In a phone interview with the Times Nov. 1, Craig said now is a good time for the tour.

“All the stars kind of aligned for this to happen, between Dallas’ solo career and the timing with the band and everything else it just worked out great, and the package could not have been a cooler package, a more enticing package we could not say no.”

Being back on the road and seeing all the fans is uplifting, said Craig.

“It’s great for all of us, it feels like home again; we’ve been loving it we’ve been having a great time,” he said. “From our point of view we are going out there and having a good time; we’ve been pushing really hard. We’ve definitely been hearing a lot of great feedback, people saying’ It’s like you never left’, you’re better than ever and we are having a blast on stage.”

Hearing the fans singing all their songs also hits a chord with Craig.

“It’s great because people are still singing the songs and we’re noticing it’s not just people from the old shows but people are bringing out their younger friends.”

An entire new album does not look to be in the cards but a new single might be an option.

“We did record six of our old songs, there is definitely a chance we will do more of that, maybe a cover or maybe a new single.

“At this point we are more like, let’s have a good time out there and whatever comes around the bend and we want to move forward in the most positive way we can without constraining ourselves too much so that’s kind of our mindset.”

With a band that been around for as long as Default the biggest change, Craig says he seen in the music industry is that it’s, ever-changing.

“The music industry is one of those things that is ever changing. In my 20 years, it has never stayed consistent so that something that I tell the young bands all the time it’s something you have to get used to.”


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