AC building is the future

Imagine walking through a bright, open Italian villa. Only instead of using your legs, you have a remote control to move forward. And instead of wearing sunglasses, you have 3D goggles.
Posted On 12 Feb 2015

Algonquin’s hosers get help

Ice resurfacer has been keeping the C-courtyard's ice in top condition all winter long     It’s probably the lowest budget ice-resurfacer you have ever seen, but it has been keeping the ice on Algonquin’s rinks smooth all winter.

All a-Twitter

Ambassadors share life and times on social media for school credit Earning credits for tweeting may sound like a social media buff’s dream, but for seven Algonquin students, it’s a reality.
Posted On 29 Jan 2015

The AC Hub gives back

The AC Hub is more than just an open-concept space for studying. It’s also about networking, forming relationships and more.
Posted On 29 Jan 2015

Farm leaps online

Thanks to a website created by Algonquin students, customers can now order farm-fresh food online and have it delivered to the Woodroffe or Perth campus.

College awarded Guinness World Record

By Daniel Katz Former students in the cabinetmaking and furniture technician program have been awarded a Guinness World Record for building the world’s largest pepper grinder. The pepper grinder stands 16-feet four-inches tall, 14-inches in diameter and weighs approximately 490...

Safety and emergency app gets launched at the college

By Daniel Katz A mobile app which provides safety information and emergency procedures has been unveiled this year in order to make it easier for the Algonquin community to view emergency procedures and safety tips. The app is called Mobile Safety and is free to download on...

Mobile app students benefit outside clients

By Brian Craddock The college’s first ever mobile application design and development program’s graduating class is developing a series of mobile apps designed to benefit real-world clients and corporations. The class, taught by professors Steve Griffith, and Gerry...

Students take on game challenge

By Dan Taccone Completing the design, testing and successful operation of a project with a two-day deadline may sound like a student’s worst nightmare. But for 35 Algonquin game development students, it was a welcome challenge. The event, held on Jan.24 to 26, called Global Game...

3D printing tech zaps college

By Maximilian Moore Design and engineering programs at the college are expecting a major change in the way they use the college’s $60,000 3D printers. Nicholas Haddad, an employee of the college Print Shop, oversees the 3D printers purchased by college ancillary services and...