For some, graduating from school and immediately getting a job travelling in your field is a student’s dream. For Algonquin graduate Christina Fritz, this was a reality.

Fritz graduated in 2013 with a diploma in early childhood education, choosing this field because she enjoys spending time with young ones.

“I went into ECE because I love children,” she said.

“I was always interested in learning about their development and how they view the world.”

She found out about Scotia Personnel from one of her courses, not knowing yet how much of an impact it would have on her future.

“There was a presentation to show that there are many opportunities to go abroad and work while experiencing another culture,” she said.

When the opportunity arose, Fritz knew she couldn’t miss it.

“I have always wanted to travel but didn’t have the resources or the nerve to do it on my own. When I found out about Scotia Personnel it was like having my dreams come to reality,” she said.

The company helped Fritz find a place that best suited her qualifications and her lifestyle, along with helping her gain experience in the ECE field. Finally making her decision, Fritz decided to travel to the United States.

“The experience in the States is still being processed,” she said. “I had lived with a family and became an older sister to the children.”

Fritz lived with a family as a nanny and had jobs including driving the children to school, helping with homework and with after school activities.

Fritz lived in New Hampshire for a year, but she knew this adventure was not going to be the last.

“I had such an amazing experience, I decided to go abroad again to China to be a tutor and live with a Chinese family,” she said.

“My dream was always to go on the Great Wall of China, experience real Chinese food as well as visit the big cities that cannot be compared to any other. Despite the very long distance and the culture difference I knew it was now or never”.

Fritz lived in China for six months and was excited coming back home to Canada, however it was still an adjustment moving back since she spent more time outside of Canada than in it.

“My two experiences have allowed me to grow so much in ways I know I wouldn’t have gotten if I stayed home in Canada,” she says.

“I am still in close relationships with both families as well as the friends I’ve made. My social circle has become international.”

Now, Fritz is working in a before and after school program as an ECE supply teacher and enjoys sharing her stories of her travels and the children she has met.

However, travelling is still on her mind.

“I plan on working further with children and travelling,” she says.

She also says that going to China is an opportunity no one should miss out on.

“China has forever changed me; I know I will be going back soon. I believe that you should visit China at least once in a lifetime.”