Algonquin aids those affected by fire

Long-term care plans for those impacted by the fire at 4 Deerfield Dr. on April 18 are now in the works. Algonquin has opened its doors, offering up 40 rooms for stay at the college’s residence. Coordination efforts between the college and Minto properties have since accommodated...

Jazan not so bad

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Algonquin students are writing finals as another semester comes to a close. The Jazan campus in Saudi Arabia opened its door to students in September 2015 and is home to a possible 2000 at capacity. That may seem somewhat small compared to Algonquin’s...

Ex-Con with hardened heart seeks softer future

He was wild. That’s how Alex Scantlebury describes himself before prison. Scantlebury, 27, is an ex-convict. He’s also a father, a husband, a student, a writer, and an aspiring public relations professional. He was charged with two counts of conspiracy to sell narcotics after an...

Algonquin here to help Deerfield fire homeless

Dear Students and Employees: Any student or employee impacted by yesterday’s fire need only raise their hand and the College will jump in to help ensure they receive the support they need at this difficult time. We have centralized our support for this evening, asking...

The untold rules of BlackJack

When I was young, my father taught me that a well-executed strategy can get you through anything in life. We played chess, Risk, Monopoly and anything else that involved decisive thinking.

Letting your inner fangirl flag fly freely

I identify as a common band girl – concerts are my drug. There is nowhere in the world I feel better than at a concert listening to my favourite band sing my favourite songs with my adrenaline pumping and the bass pounding in my chest.

Overdue diligence

Think about the impact you make before you chime in Lately I’ve come across an irksome trend in my various social media feeds: pseudoscience has run rampant on Facebook and Twitter – and the internet as a whole.

Beer store blues

The beer store is killing jobs, stifling competition and encouraging Ontarians to get beer out of province. I’m one of those in the latter category.

Culinary artists show off cuisine

Chefs bring aboriginal food to University of Massachusetts The executive chef of food services is doing his part to change the image of Canadian cuisine – one set of taste buds at a time.
Posted On 03 Apr 2015